Lacquered Stone Coffee Table

Today I repaired some damage to this black lacquered table for my designer client Jenny J Norris Interiors. The top consisted of 4 large stone panels, that fit into place on a hardwood base. It had gotten damaged in shipping. Each panel weighed about 50 pounds.  There were a few scratches, and chips, and also a moisture ring. I filled the damage, matched the black, and then managed to buff out the other marks with a lot of elbow grease. I’ve honestly never worked on lacquered stone before. I like the quality of the shine on the pitted and mottled surface, which manages to show the best qualities of both materials. 


Scratches down to the stone

Scratches down to the stone

The water mark came out more easily than I expected because the piece had been restored prior to this, and the top layer of lacquer was not bonding well, so I simply buffed off the new layer, and it disappeared. 


Large area of moisture damage  



Chips along edges


The end result was a much smoother shinier surface, and all the clouding from the old lacquer, and all the impact damage was reversed.  



End result