On site lacquer table repair

Someone banged this white lacquer table up when delivering to a staged apartment in a new building.

I have clamped, filled and painted out, and am new waiting to buff out the finish.

The fake radishes are starting to make me hungry, which brings to mind Beatrix Potter's Tale of Two Bad Mice. I think the fumes are getting to me.

Finished product

Pair of Lion Dogs


This rare pair of lion-dogs were restored at least four previous times. They were received covered with a new layer of gilding, that was itself, quite unstable. After poking around, we discovered, what would be the remains of the original ground, with fragments of the original paint, and took it down to that level. They had very few carving loses, which we replaced, and while doing so, discovered the date inscription on the inside of one of the loose pieces of wood.

Miniature Coromandel Screen restoration

joe hynn finished2

This miniature screen required lots of work.  Several of the panels were split, and about 30% of the lacquer was missing.  After picking off all the previous restoration, which was no longer stable, re-filling and re-carving  was done.  The screen was absolutely filthy, and given how fragile it was, took a long time to clean, but was worth the effort, to get to the original lacquer color.