Pair of Lion Dogs


This rare pair of lion-dogs were restored at least four previous times. They were received covered with a new layer of gilding, that was itself, quite unstable. After poking around, we discovered, what would be the remains of the original ground, with fragments of the original paint, and took it down to that level. They had very few carving loses, which we replaced, and while doing so, discovered the date inscription on the inside of one of the loose pieces of wood.

Large 18th C Painting Restoration


This French 18th century painting arrived in a roll, and a large percentage of it's 9 X 10 foot surface had turned to powder at the bottom of the tube.  The backing was also decomposing, so it needed to be re-backed, stabilized, and in-painted.  We decided to temporarily mount it on a folding frame, so that it could be more easily moved and set back up.  This certainly is the biggest painting I have worked on to date.